Bets on Baccarat

There are three baccarat bets available. When betting on baccarat, it’s important to keep in mind the house edge and house commission.

Baccarat Offers Three Different Wagers.

When it comes to placing bets, baccarat is a rather straightforward game.  In contrast to many other games, baccarat only allows for three different wagers.

An Explanation of the Three Possible Baccarat Bets.

In baccarat, you can choose from betting on the banker, the player, or a tie.  In baccarat, the winning hand is the one whose point total is closest to nine.  To win at baccarat, players must correctly guess (and gamble on) the winning hand.  Detailed explanations of these are provided below.

Casino Gamble

The banker bet is the most common of the three options because of how the game works.  This wager has the smallest house edge.  More people are willing to make this wager because of the rules dictating when a third card may or cannot be drawn for a banker hand.  The banker hand has a statistically greater chance of reaching a hand value of nine and winning the round.

Casinos often charge a 5% fee on winning banker bets due to the high probability that the banker would win the hand.  The house commission is due at the conclusion of each shoe, or when a player quits the table, so it’s crucial that they have enough money on hand to pay it, or that they save some money aside after each victory.  It is quite humiliating and rather troublesome for a player to gamble and lose the commission owed to the casino.

Banker wagers return 1 to 1 (less 5% fee).

The Gambler’s Wager

The player bet is quite similar to the banker bet, except that it backs the dealer’s hand instead of the player’s.  It’s a wager on the player whose hand has the highest value (closest to 9) at the end of the game.

The player’s hand has lower odds of winning than the banker’s, albeit both are still rather excellent.  This is due to the fact that the player hand’s third card rule is less advantageous than the banker hand’s third card rule.  When this hand is played, the banker’s hand is still a mystery because the player hand draws its third card first.

The payout on a player bet is even money.  When wagering on the player’s hand, there is no vigorish charged by the house.

The Draw Bet

This bet is regarded to be the least prudent option of a baccarat bet.  By placing a tie bet, you are wagering that the value of the banker hand and the value of the player hand will be the same.  There is no need that the value be exactly nine.  All that’s required is for the two hands to reach identical totals.  The likelihood of identical results from both hands is low.  This bet has a house edge of more than 15%.

On the other hand, should a player win when putting the tie bet, the reward is 8 to 1 – far more than the other two baccarat bets.






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